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We believe that we can teach someone how to change their running technique and become a more efficient runner in 6 to 8 sessions.

The Running School Coaching Programme involves analyzing running bio-mechanics and creating tailored coaching sessions to improve running technique, performance and above all enjoyment. The training programme is based on an individual’s fitness ability and initially involves six training sessions and a training  schedule to follow in their own time.

Dynamic Movement Skills,
 Mr. Mike Antoniades

The Running School® concept was created by Mike Antoniades; founder and Coaching Director of Sport Dimensions and The Movement & Running School. He is well-respected Performance & Rehabilitation coach who has worked with thousands of athletes and professional sports teams in the UK, Europe and the USA. The Running School® provides on-going coaching, motivation and training programmes to educate and further develop athletic performance. All clients participating in The Running School® have improved their running technique and reduced their injury risk, with many furthering their development of running speed and improved explosiveness and coordination.