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Early action always helps in terms of our young ones’ health. Adam Vital Pediatric Physiotherapy facilities provide a wide variety of scheme to provide ideal therapies that aid to detect the health problems in early stages and facilitates in healing of our children.

Efforts in this procedure focus on improvement in gross and fine motor skills, strength and endurance, balance and coordination, cognitive and sensory processing/integration in kids.

This physiotherapy treatment is of great use in treating cerebral palsy, developmental delays, spinabifida, or torticollis and etc. of children.


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Dolphin Therapy – form of therapy that aims to increase sensory activities and can help alleviate some symptoms associated with children having conditions such as Down syndrome, autism and the like. It involves interacting with dolphins, having the chance to swim with the dolphins, touch and feed the said animal

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Women Health – Our women physiotherapists are specialists in the field and along with the treatments; they counsel the women passing through challenging phases in life and give them a fresh and holistic way to life. It has even shown benefits in urology and gynecological condition in women, hence is a complete support system for a woman.


Proprioceptive Therapy – form of treatment ensuring body awareness and security in how an individual fit in with its environment. It is also the alleviation of a condition related to the inputs to ones muscles and joints that will specify where the body in space, helping an individual to organize their sensory systems.


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Hippo Therapy Horses

is a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy to achieve functional outcomes with the help of horses. In this therapy, the movement of the horses influences the patient and the therapist will then analyze the patient’s responses.

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